Monday, October 17, 2016

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club

From Aunty Maile:

The Central Valley on Oahu is going to be jumping on this night. West Oahu is doing better every day. Only thing bad is no place to work nearby. The Fat Cats of the Present Rail Party in Honolulu want you to do everything in town. So that is what is holding Kapolei from being Second City.

"Till I Waltz Again With You" by Theresa Brewer

About every 22,000 years a cycle ends. We have entered a new cycle and we look forward to never having a World War ever again. As healthy beings in a healthy natural world we should be balanced by all rhythms, with which we have developed for millions of years. Unfortunately, modern life with prolonged nights and pollution of air, water, earth and the body has become unhealthful so that many may suffer. We should remember that it is human-made, we are learning through suffering, yet, we can also learn through joy!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ron Montez Workshop

Special WORKSHOP with Mr. Ron Montez
American Rumba & West Coast Swing
This Coming Sunday October 16th at 3pm

You might have seen Ron Montez on TV or in famous instructional dance videos. Come to learn from the Legend. Ron Montez is one of the most respected personalities in the dance business. He previously held the title as the 7-time undefeated United States Professional Latin Champion. He achieved 4th place in the World’s Professional Latin Championships held at Royal Albert Hall in London. He has reached the final of the prestigious British Championships in Blackpool, England. Ron is the recipient of the 2009 United States Dance Championships Hall of Fame Award. He is recognized as a World Class adjudicator, dance coach and choreographer in both American and International styles.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Ron is the organizer of the Chicago Crystal Ball and the Aloha Ball, held in Kona Hawaii. Ron was the co-host and expert commentator for the PBS television show “Championship Ballroom Dancing”, which was hosted by Rita Moreno, Juliet Prowse, Barbara Eden, Sandy Duncan and Jasmine Guy. Ron is a national examiner for DIVDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association). In this capacity he examines both amateur and professional dancers who wish to obtain certification. His instructional tapes plus DVD’s, including bronze, silver and gold levels, are available through DanceVision.

Fee: $20 per person with advance registration - $25 at door
register at

350 Ward Ave #200

"Dancers know that if you dance with your heart, your feet will follow." 

Monday, October 10, 2016


We do have many of the younger beginners that have danced ballet, modern, and tap and happened to stumble upon ballroom dancing. They begin to suspect that there are benefits in dancing in Night Clubs.  However, they also begin to realize that it is for a more experienced older generation, a solid Night Club crowd. But the younger group has a different agenda for dancing. And they love anything new, and they seek being up to date, they will take it easy and assimilate. Most of us agree that they should do as they please. No Hu Hu.

"From all the drama, backstabbing and tattling, sometimes I cannot figure out if I am in elementary school or middle school,  Oh wait, I am in social dancing."

The longevity of a ballroom dancer's career is much longer than that of a ballerina or modern dancer and age does not really have much to do with our dancing. Certainly not because the steps are slower and we can face it that the classics over a couple hundred years are the ballads in any language. "How much is that dogie in the window" Number one in "The Hit Parade" in  the US 60 years ago. Very few remember that song.

That is much different than a "classic social song." They are not going to play "Tennessee Waltz" this week and we don't mind. But when they do, we will flock to the floor and dance it to our hearts content. The people in Hawaii are becoming more aware of this fact but it is taking time. We just want to enjoy the night without hurting anyone else, we can hope, that they may permit us.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Received from Yanna, but not in JPEG. Cannot be copied unless you have a special program. Had to copy in pieces.


This Thursday October 6th 6:30-9:30
Social Dance at Cupola Sponsored by DRD at
Inspiration Design Center Kapiolani Blv. Honolulu
Every first Thursday of the month , Open to the public,
NO admission, free parking after validation
food and drinks for purchase from Wine bar and Stage restaurant.
all ballroom tunes by DJ Lucas, Mr. Augie Ray is busy traveling
out of state but will be back with his live entertainment next month.

Divino Ritmo Dance
350 Ward Ave #200

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

In town the evidence is becoming clearer simply because there is more of it. What is? The melding of dance movements in the peripheral groups with the social - cultural groups and it is a two way street.  American Tango can be influenced by the Argentine Tango and the Filipino Tango by the American. And it may only be a flick of the wrist, but it is still American Tango and danced by American style dancers with each other very easily.

A penguin walks into a Pearl City bar, goes to the counter, and asks
 the bartender, “Have you seen my brother? The bartender says,
 “I don’t know. What does he look like?” 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Exhibition Dancers?

Yeah we get them in the Night Clubs and many of them are really good. Exhibition Dancers are made, not born. Many learn from the small social dance clubs on Oahu. Then if they belong to the right club they may be asked to perform. Formation dances are the best place to begin because they will not be alone. It is a fun experience to dance with the idea of being seen. But they have practiced long and diligently for that very occasion.

"Some think that you should not inquire as to why or whither,
but just enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate."

All these people make this blog just about ready for a steady Guest Author. The only catch is that you must want to, I am not here to sell anything. I provide the platform and you may use it only when and if you wish. I merely notify Blogger and an invitation is sent from Blogger and if you accept you choose a password to get in. That is all between you and Blogger.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

"Beautiful Night Club - In Pearl City? Naw

In effect then you will have your own blog within the blog. You can open the blog, write, post photos, publish, close it and all without saying boo to anyone. And the best part of it is the synergism gets in and hits get compounded by more Guest Authors. Furthermore, if a blog can get 2 or 3 Guest Authors, they will, for sure, get over 100 average hits per day. (3000 per month.) Then I could plan on phasing myself out and let them take the blog over. - Independence.

Have a nice week end everyone. And those going on the trip, have yourselves a nice time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waltz in Guadalajara

A Mexican waltz danced in a night club in Guadalajara, Mexico. Just beautiful but I could not copy it using my software. I use the one for You Tube and is doesn't work for all. If someone out there knows of one not too complicated or too expensive, please let me know.

"What that? You have heard nasty rumors about us?
If those people hate us, they must be true. No?

The music was by Mariachis and just terrific with a Viennese swing to it. The dancers were not dancing the 1,2,3 steps as we know and love them. Most of them seem to start with a rock step - that is the lead rocks forward for a three count and rocks back for a three count. When the tempo changes, the lead goes forward in a chassé and back in a chassé.

"Sobre Las Olas" por Juventino Rosas

Normally, the rock step is used in the faster tempo and the chassé in the slower tempo. However in social dancing, the lead may go into rock tempo in a slow tempo to exaggerate the feeling in the slow movement. The same applies to the fast tempo and using the chassé to exaggerate the happier music. This is social dancing to da max.

 "Alejandra" por Enrique Mora

There are left turns and right turns and hand to hand with the lady making an underarm turn. All simple moves that are done in dozens of other dances. How about a cross body lead? Why not? Of course, they can be done by anyone of our night club friends that could enjoy this music. Unfortunately we have a long time to wait for Mariachis.

"Dancers know that you cannot find happiness at the bottom of a wine bottle.
Of course not, who is happy when the wine runs out?"

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Social Dancing

From what I hear from various sources, most of the dancers night clubbing can pretty well dance with each other, just moving to the music of their choice. Fortunately 99 per cent of the movements are in the Bronze and Silver levels. Which is about right. The Gold is for the exhibition and competition dancers.

In the Internet, Attitude at the Dance.
"Take control of your attitude - Be solution oriented not problem focused -
avoid whiners and complainers - Be constructive, productive
and pleasant - Stay away from gossip and never criticize."

There may be 600 documented steps in Cha Cha Cha. The man has his routine of perhaps twenty five good solid moves, which he finds easy to lead. The next man may have a slightly different routine and the third man has an even more different routine. In night club dancing the KISS method is preferred. (keep it simple, stupid.) The thing is enjoy moving to the music.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

So for the follow, it is much more difficult. If she is lucky, all of her partners will keep the same routines within 35 or 40 steps. She has to follow them all. And bless them, these ladies are good followers and many make good use of the parts assigned to them. Most Latin Dances are for the lady to shine while the lead does the basic.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Now that I am getting out more, I must plan on visiting some night clubs and blog'em. My usual equipment is a camera, and which I take the first picture to make sure the camera is working. I just have to be very careful because I have butterfingers. Then I find a couple dancers that can take few pictures of their favorite people. Then I take some blank paper and a couple pens to see if I can get somebody to share something for the readers.

"Yes, Wine is the answer. Now, what was the question?"