Monday, June 24, 2019

Keeps on rolling along.

This blog is moving ahead slowly because it has only SOS (same old shit) one Blogger, me. It helps when we get a little feedback which is not steady enough yet.We need more people willing to share their good dancing news with our fellow dancers. For us the perfect communication settles down to five or less blogs and each with about six Guest Bloggers. But we could achieve pretty close to agreement in the enjoyment of dancing in our cultural dance. And with the easy acceptance of all the other styles and opinions out there.

"Social dancers believe they can get involved in dance in some
form or another and to the extent that they wish."

Hey, hey, we are rolling in the right direction. Group opinions are essentially the same and they may come to a head through one person. And in our experience, that person may only contribute "his or her opinion" only once and perhaps even twice. Not our rules, but theirs They do not wish to get involved with what they think is a commitment. These are usually very well accepted opinions. It may represent a good foothold for them to feel ready to be a Guest Blogger.

"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" by Paloma San Basilio

Public opinion in contemporary usage, is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs held by populations such as the entire island of Oahu. While consumer opinion is the similar aggregate collected as part of marketing research, - opinions of users of a particular product or service. Typically, the process of gathering opinions from all individuals is difficult, expensive, or impossible to obtain. Social dancer opinion may be estimated using by feedback and the hit counters, as our representative sample of our dance audience.

"Social dancers believe that the only way that we can live, is if we grow.
The only way that we can grow is if we change."

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Night Clubs Are Rolling

In the social sciences, there is also a recognition of the clique group opinion such as we have in our dance clubs on Oahu. It refers to the aggregation of opinions verbally communicated from closely knit people. Most of us are aware of this, with the results being that all our dance clubs are all Oligarchies. Benevolent Oligarchies but still it. Generally conceded that they have contributed much to the decrease in membership with the biggest clubs and the creation of  so many new dance clubs in the last two decades. In these situations, researchers are often interested in questions related to social choice, untruths, conformity, and group polarization.

"Social dancers know that there are different styles, and dancers have
different levels of ability. They try to be accommodating of any
differences, and have fun with the experience."

Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, the Night Clubs have been run with the prime interest of selling booze. In the last century the dance crowd developed a "bad" reputation of not being drunks. And when the Oligarchy of dance got in some clubs, they would help run it into ground. Rumours is the best example. Lucky for us the owners of the new clubs are not stupid, The total income will not be in the liquor tab. The Juice Bar will be established and there are going to be some edible items for sale. Dine and Dance can still be achieved.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

There is a definite age difference in customers. The young dancers and the more experience dancers.The speeds of the dances will be in evidence. The young will have movements where the lead throws the lady over his shoulder and the DJs will play LAG music, the Latest And Greatest. The more experience dancers will go more for live bands and get "Oldies But Goodies" kind of music which will be slower. Hopefully, both groups will have themselves a ball in their respective dance environments.

“Change will not come if we wait for some one, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for and this is the time. We are the change that we seek.”

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Why not Night Clubbing?

By Claudia Yang, Kapolei
I like dance music and hanging out with my friends, because contrary to a popular misconception, being somewhat introverted doesn't mean you're a social turkey. It actually just means I get most of my energy from within myself, rather than externally, from other people. So whereas an extrovert will get their kicks out of talking to strangers in a bar, I get mine from what psychologists call "solitary pursuits." I go with friends because I enjoy moving to my kind of music.

"Social dancers know that they may see an action that their own motor system
cannot predict via an internal simulation. This prediction error may be
rewarding in some way when moving to the music of your choice."

I find small talk somewhat boring, and that means that going parties where I don't know anyone can be incredibly draining. So even though going out to loud places with lots of external stimuli and random people might not seem like a natural fit for an introvert, I'm here to tell you that there are ways to not let the inner workings of your personality get in the way of things you like doing. In fact, if done right, night clubbing can be one of the best things an introvert can do, because listening to your favorite music and dancing in a dark room with short, optional intervals of taking a sip and talking to your friends is paradise.

"My Molokai" by Willie K

Don't just go to any shit club night Your enjoyment of dragging yourself away from the comforts of your own apartment is going to live or die by how much you dig the DJ you're supposed to be going to hear. While this is obviously true of anyone, at least if you're an extrovert and you go to a shit club night, you'll probably enjoy talking to all the boneheads in the smoking area. But for most introverts, if you're not into a lineup, there's no redeeming feature to being in a room with flashing lights where you can't hear yourself think let alone talk to your mates. So pick your night wisely.

 "Competition dancers think that winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is." Well said.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

No Dancing

I have checked around and there is no dancing on the Waianae Coast or the North Shore anymore. Seems like most of the dancers are accustomed to the atmosphere in Honolulu. At any rate, there will be one on the Waianae Coast because the Rail Disaster is going to make life miserable for everyone. The car companies are getting set to sell more cars. No one calls the Rail, "Rapid Transit" anymore.

"Of course social dancers take dance classes and the teachers
will also help determine what dances they learn."

Meanwhile I can just try to get these blogs rolling good enough to get rid of my best blog to some good interested people. The most important for our blogs is the Guest Blogger opinion which is an editorial opinion. It is the stated opinion of the blogger for anything he or she writes in the blog. And it can vary widely which is what makes it most interesting to our fellow reader/dancers and the hits go through the roof. If these people accept and blog regularly (up to them, how much) then we can plan on my resignation from that blog. I will have plenty to do with the four remaining blogs.

"City Lights" by Loyal Garner

There are certain dances set in the syllabi of the American and International style of dance. Very nice and we should not complain. But the social dancers have the right to dance whatever they wished to dance. When was the last time you stopped at a night club for a little Paso Doble? Nice dance, don't knock it, but for social dancing? We can and do make the decision.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

A guy from Mililani goes to a nightclub in Waikiki and when the doorman won't let him in the guy asks,  "'Why not?" "Because you're not wearing a tie,"  says the doorman. "But I have come all the way from Mililani," says the guy. "Sorry mate, that's the rules," says the doorman.

So the guy goes back to his car to try and see if he can find a tie or something like one.  He  finds one of his jumper cables, ties it around his neck, and goes back to the club.  "Is this all right?" he asks the doorman.The doorman is a nice guy. "Well, all right then," replies the doorman.  "But I'll be watching you - don't start anything!"

Monday, June 10, 2019

Dance Clubbing

The work on these blogs continues. The slide show, movies and video clips will not be programed for these blogs. Music? Maybe. I will have patience, though I may not have enough time. Then when I get at least a couple Guest Bloggers then I can have the instructors of the month and the Dance Couple of the month featured. The side bars on the blogs will be redesigned. The Fabulous Five blogs will remain for the moment, the Two Centers will decide that. Town Dancer remains our best blog and I am hoping to interest a couple of Guest Bloggers to take it over.  

"Social dancers think that there are many reasons why people dance!"

Capitalism has taken over Micro Blogging. Posterous was coming up pretty good and was then bought by Facebook. The money was there and the owners took it. Then Friend Feed began looking very good and Twitter bought them. Again the money was there. Now Facebook and Twitter are being taken over by Trump backers and they are losing customers. Much was done by Facebook and Twitter. Trump can call everyone that he doesn't like, LIARS. But if you call Trump a liar, that is abuse and out you go. Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Word Press are coming up pretty good now. This is getting interesting.

"My Molokai Woman" by Willie K

The Night Club scene in West Oahu is looking good. I am looking forward to a good Dance Night Club in Waianae and one on the North Shore. Of course there may be one in Mililani or Waipio before the others. Just Tacos had some nice music when they were in Mililani, however they never understood, that the dance floor is what would have done it. Kapolei is still trying but the Rail Disaster people are no help.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Swing Era

Almost a century ago, the vague "Swing Music" began to really evolve. After the WWI, many small bands were swinging with a new changing sound for over a decade. Then Benny Goodman's band, set out on a tour of America in May 1935, but was poorly received. By August 1935, Goodman found himself with a band that was nearly broke, disillusioned and ready to quit. They were trying to please an audience who, at that time in America, had favored the sweet Fox Trot style of music, perhaps a little Rumba. The dancers hearts were not in it. Goodman called it "the most humiliating experience of my life." But they had to try one more time.

"Social dancers don’t dance because they want to, they dance because they need to."

August 21, 1935 Goodman and his band began the last gig, at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles. On top of the Let's Dance airplay, Al Jarvis had been playing Goodman records on KFWB radio, and Los Angeles fans were primed to hear him in person. Goodman started the evening with stock arrangements, its conventionally melodic numbers. And when the crowd failed to react, Goodman figured the end of his jazz band experiment had arrived. Trumpeter Bunny Berigan yelled, "Let's cut this shit!" and Goodman decided that if they were going to fail, the band would go down swinging.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

He began the second set with the arrangements by Fletcher Henderson and Spud Murphy. The dancers responded to one Fletcher Henderson arrangement after another. A roar rose among the crowd -- and the Swing Era was born. The Palomar engagement was such a marked success it is often exaggeratedly described as the beginning of the swing era but it is clear in retrospect that the Swing Era had been waiting to happen, but it was Goodman and his band that touched it off. Over the course of the engagement, the "Jitterbug" began to appear as a new dance craze, and radio broadcasts carried the band's performances across the nation.

"It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing." 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Struggle

The population in Honolulu continues to go down. The traffic congestion is a big factor. And yet the Rail Mess said it was for Rapid Transit and Rapid Transit is not mentioned any more.Why then? People are making millions and millions of dollars on the Rail Disaster. And no one know what happened to the first billion dollars. The audit gets stalled and no one will ever know. Everyone seems to understand that there will be less buses to force the people to use the Rail Humiliation. How's that for a Rail that they say is "needed." They tell a good joke.

"Social dancers know that life is a dance… (Yes, you saw that coming ?)
So it’s also the main focus of us dancing together."

Means that our organizations must find places where we can dance socially. The schools have to make more money because the funding will be less to pay for the Rail Fiasco. Community Centers would be the most obvious answer but for some reason we just don't dance in Community Centers. Maybe the cost is too high. We would need bigger dance floors and a way not to rely on the bar tab to pay the overhead and that means a cover. The type of music required and it is somewhat different than what they have now which is for a younger crowd.

And Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club has a nice place to dance at the Wahiawa District Park. The old Salt Lake shopping center would be a perfect spot for a dance nightclub. Not too many residences nearby, and very accessible to the West Honolulu crowd, from Town to Kalihi. And Salt Lake itself has quite a population. With the biggest factor, "I coulda been home in twenty minutes," which has been applied to West Oahu. Meanwhile this blog is in holding pattern.

Blogger's Law #36B:
"If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost."