Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waltz in Guadalajara

A Mexican waltz danced in a night club in Guadalajara, Mexico. Just beautiful but I could not copy it using my software. I use the one for You Tube and is doesn't work for all. If someone out there knows of one not too complicated or too expensive, please let me know.

"What that? You have heard nasty rumors about us?
If those people hate us, they must be true. No?

The music was by Mariachis and just terrific with a Viennese swing to it. The dancers were not dancing the 1,2,3 steps as we know and love them. Most of them seem to start with a rock step - that is the lead rocks forward for a three count and rocks back for a three count. When the tempo changes, the lead goes forward in a chassé and back in a chassé.

"Sobre Las Olas" por Juventino Rosas

Normally, the rock step is used in the faster tempo and the chassé in the slower tempo. However in social dancing, the lead may go into rock tempo in a slow tempo to exaggerate the feeling in the slow movement. The same applies to the fast tempo and using the chassé to exaggerate the happier music. This is social dancing to da max.

 "Alejandra" por Enrique Mora

There are left turns and right turns and hand to hand with the lady making an underarm turn. All simple moves that are done in dozens of other dances. How about a cross body lead? Why not? Of course, they can be done by anyone of our night club friends that could enjoy this music. Unfortunately we have a long time to wait for Mariachis.

"Dancers know that you cannot find happiness at the bottom of a wine bottle.
Of course not, who is happy when the wine runs out?"

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Social Dancing

From what I hear from various sources, most of the dancers night clubbing can pretty well dance with each other, just moving to the music of their choice. Fortunately 99 per cent of the movements are in the Bronze and Silver levels. Which is about right. The Gold is for the exhibition and competition dancers.

In the Internet, Attitude at the Dance.
"Take control of your attitude - Be solution oriented not problem focused -
avoid whiners and complainers - Be constructive, productive
and pleasant - Stay away from gossip and never criticize."

There may be 600 documented steps in Cha Cha Cha. The man has his routine of perhaps twenty five good solid moves, which he finds easy to lead. The next man may have a slightly different routine and the third man has an even more different routine. In night club dancing the KISS method is preferred. (keep it simple, stupid.) The thing is enjoy moving to the music.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

So for the follow, it is much more difficult. If she is lucky, all of her partners will keep the same routines within 35 or 40 steps. She has to follow them all. And bless them, these ladies are good followers and many make good use of the parts assigned to them. Most Latin Dances are for the lady to shine while the lead does the basic.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Now that I am getting out more, I must plan on visiting some night clubs and blog'em. My usual equipment is a camera, and which I take the first picture to make sure the camera is working. I just have to be very careful because I have butterfingers. Then I find a couple dancers that can take few pictures of their favorite people. Then I take some blank paper and a couple pens to see if I can get somebody to share something for the readers.

"Yes, Wine is the answer. Now, what was the question?" 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hits as of the 20th.

Town Dancer still on top after all these years - got loyal readers. But now Platinum Horseshoe is coming on strong. My attendance at HBDA Studio and at Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club has made a difference. I personally get the information and the photos. Dancing Nights is the most solid one to be third, if we can get a little more news from the night clubbing in town. Social Media, Brah!

Before you speak, THINK: T - is it True?  H - is it Helpful?
 I - is it Inspiring? N - is it Necessary?  K - is it Kind?

Most of the dance web and blog sites have always been in the single digit average per day hits. That is nine hits per day average, about 270 hits per month. Not too bad. They have their own group to cater to - all understandable. It took Platinum Horseshoe only one month to get into double digits per day average. And another two or three months to get into the 20s.

"Tell Me Why" by the Four Aces

The magic number is 33 average hit per day, which is 1000 hits per month. Town Dancer has rarely been that low. But Platinum Horseshoe may be getting into the 30s by the end of this month. And that leaves Blogging Hawaii and Dancing Nights to settle for third place. The difference will be the information contributor. No dance news, no reader/dancers. Simple?

Blogger's Law #31C: On Oahu we can count on our leaders, if they are
in doubt  they will always predict that the trend will continue.

Friday, September 16, 2016


Lucky me, I will be able to go to the Wahiawa Balloom Dance Club Ocktoberfest dance on Saturday. Since it is difficult to get night club action from town, perhaps I can make contact with Dot's In Wahiawa. I hear they are doing good and perhaps we could help and make them better yet. This is slow going and I accept.

"Happiness is a function of accepting what is."

Seeing more people dance the Reverse cross body lead in the West. If you have some nice Rumba music and you know your basic Mambo movements, try it, You can do the basic, go into American style cross body lead, then to the reverse cross body lead, then flesh it our with an under arm turn, hand to hand, spot turn and you are back to basic. Just a beautiful basic routine. I am getting convinced that the best American Rumba dancers are in the West. Yes, I know, many of them were taught by downtown teachers.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

But then what do I know, I get very few items of interest from town. Many have their own Web Sites and they are getting thousands of hits per day. They cannot be bothered with a hinky dinky blog so we cannot blame them. We must keep beating the bushes and find the Two Centers that we need desperately to share the information with our fellow dancers and we will have Social Media at last.

Dance as if there is no one on this earth to see you,
Love as though you have never been hurt,
Sing as though no one out there can hear you,
Live as though everyone in heaven is watching.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Solid Blog

This blog is doing all right for the time it has been in existence. I stated from the very beginning that it would have the night club action on Oahu and perhaps the neighbor islands. And it has remained more or less in the same vein. However it is only me and my SOS keeping it going and that is not Social Media. I am walking again, with a walker, and I will be able to visit a few places in the near future. We still welcome any information contributors that are willing to share their dance information with their fellow dancers, just email it in.

"Most dancers know that others will only rain on our parade because
they are jealous of our sun and tired of their shade."

I have butterfingers and when I first go someplace I take my time and get one photo just to make sure the camera is working. Then I look for a couple people that know where to push the button to take a picture. Eight to 10 photos from each is good enough and I can make a collage of the six best in each. I also take some blank paper and pens to get a little information from anyone willing to say something to their fellow readers. I can round it out and make a nice blog out of it.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

There may be some night clubs that would prefer to keep this more private and do it their way. We can certainly respect that and never bother them. But fortunately we are going to find many that are more than willing to share their night club dance items with the reading public. And we will have Social Media. So come on somebody - help us and your favorite club.

"In Social Dancing, we do not have to dance better than anyone else.
We just try to dance better than ourselves."

Friday, September 9, 2016


By John Chan, Enchanted Lake.

Dancing is one of those inescapable facts of life. For most of us on Oahu, it comes up over and over again in social situations. We might as well learn to become passable at it. It's not as hard to pick up the basics as we may think, it's smoother sailing once we know a little of how to do it, and it tends to score us points in lots of situations. And we don't have to reach a particularly high standard.

'"One of the most profoundly human things we can do,
is talk to our fellow dancers instead of them."

We just need to be good enough that we can get on the dance floor, blend in with everyone else, not look like an idiot, and not feel too uncomfortable while we are there. A lot of us are at least somewhat awkward about dancing, that's why we have to down a few drinks and wait for the dance floor to get busy before we step out on it. But we also know that it can be a lot more fun.

"I Will Dance For You" by Willie K.

You don't have to look like someone out of a music video, or from one of the deluxe dance clubs of Oahu. We just got to be decent enough to get by and that is by looking for the "basic" movements. Being better than the average never hurts of course, but just knowing the basics will put you way ahead of all the non-dancers out there.

"Pohai Kealoha" by Amy Hanaialii"

There are three divisions in almost anything and in dancing it is already been very nicely stated. Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions. Very, very nice, only thing is that everyone has a different opinion of what is what. I can write my opinion who is where, but that would not be necessarily right. The more we know, the better we will be able to classify and feel comfortable of where we are.

"Another good thing about our dancing, everytime we dance,
we turn into a better version of ourselves." 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Oldies

Slowly in the last few years, the "oldies but goodies" have been emerging. They have always been there but it has been live bands that have led the way. The "oldies" have been mainly Swing and Foxtrot. Fortunately along the way, many people had been willing to include more oldies. Mainly the music in the sixties in the new dance clubs in Hawaii and the introduction of the Latin dances, the Rumba and the Cha Cha Cha, predominantly. These oldies are solid in our kind of dancing.

"Attitudes are often much more important than intelligence."

It is all unfolding very nicely. For the old time Social Dancer the music has been primary and the dance has followed naturally. The Universal dancer wants to find a method of enjoying the music, so the music is first, then you apply the proper movement to feel the best of the music. Steps and figures are danced to the rhythm and for the beginner will have no relation to the harmony or the lyrics. That is social dancing.

"Imagine" by John Lennon

This is far different than Exhibition or Competition dancers. They are in a different realm. If they wish to call it dancing we should not complain, much of it is beautiful, but it is not something you want to see everyday on the ordinary dance floor. That is a different kuleana and they know it. Teachers? We have the best in the world right here on Oahu.

"A lot of problems in our dance world would disappear if we
talked to each other instead of about each other."