Friday, April 21, 2017

Drinking On Oahu

Social drinking is tolerated in many cultures around the world. It is accepted as a legitimate way to celebrate special occasions or just to relax after a hard day at work. Drinking in moderation tends to be viewed as a harmless activity. It is only those who are habitually intoxicated who get judged as engaging in dangerous behavior. In reality there is no level of alcohol use that can be considered completely risk free. But there are a number of benefits that people obtain from social drinking.

"For Social Dancers, dancing is not just our sport. It defines us."

This is why drinking has been popular for thousands of years. Alcohol is often described as a social lubricant. People tend to feel more relaxed after a drink or two and a bit less self-conscious. The effects of alcohol make it easier for people to shake off responsibilities for a few hours. There are many social occasions that are based around alcohol consumption and these can be great fun. Some studies even suggest that drinking in moderation may bring certain health benefits.

The medical profession as a rule has only two alternatives, drink and no drink. Few of them can even perceive that there are many different rates of drinking. The worst being the one who wakes up in the morning and has to have his first sip of the day. And may do this all day long until he falls asleep or passes out. At the other extreme are the ones that drink only for a special occasion such as New Years Eve or at the birthday party of someone special, And most us are somewhere in between. It is these beneficial aspects of alcohol that ensure its continued popularity.

There is still disagreement as to what constitutes social drinking. An individual who regularly goes to the bar and drinks heavily might still claim to be a social drinker. For a lot of people the words ‘social drinker’ just means not exhibiting the classic signs of alcoholism a vague definition not helpful because it is too wide. It means that a person who is destroying their mental and physical health through overindulgence could still claim to be a social drinker. It is necessary to have a more precise definition of what is being described. One of these days we will get a good opinion of this from one of our good readers.

 "Social dancers know that if you dance with your heart, your feet will follow."

Monday, April 17, 2017

Niteclubbing Feedback

We are getting very little feedback. Plenty of night life on Oahu but they all seem to have their own private little communication spots. We are a Blog, so this is Social Media. This blog has been set up to blog dancing and specialize in Night Clubs. Info hard to get, no one knows how or what information to contribute. The easiest communication to our readers is the comments section at the end of every blog. You can comment on anything using your name or even a pen name. Anonymous doesn't work.

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."

Generally in all our blogs we do not divide into good or bad. Instead we grade everything in threes. Good, Bad or Indifferent - Small, Medium and Large. The night clubs in Hawaii are generally graded according to the size of the dance floor. We deal very little into "Ballrooms" those are different kinds of functions.

"The Uncle In Me" by Willie K

Small floor is less than 13 x 13, about 170 square feet. These are glorified lounges with lots of tables on the side for bottle service. Sure, some people dance. Most people go to these places, however, to sit at their tables and look smug about how cool they must be. And occasionally get up and dance on the dance floor right in front of their table. This kind of clubbing is for being able to say you went to a "cool" hotspot, and to be seen by the right people. And maybe do a little dancing.

"Haleiwa Hula" by Amy Hanaialii

Medium floor is about 20 x 20, 400 square feet. the size of a two car garage. Some people like to dance. Some people like to dance with music (especially bass) so loud that you can feel it overriding your heartbeat, and echoing throughout your body. To be surrounded by and crushed up against dozens of sweaty, dancing, crazy strangers, who are all completely separate from you but completely in sync with you, dancing to the same music. Most DJs are actually pretty good, if not famous.

Large floors, on Oahu, should be covered separately as
they are the supreme for our kind of social dancing.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Received from Salsa No Ka Oi

No classes April 16, 2017 Easter Sunday. We resume April 23, 2017. Those I talked to about the KitKat video, we will shoot on April 23. Team Members Please wear Team Hawaii TShirt. The rest wear Salsa No Ka Oi. Making 2 different videos.

We have had good examples of Social Media in the Platinum Horseshoe and Town Dancer blogs. The reporting of dance activity on Oahu has been terrific with Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association. The hits have been going through the stratosphere. Now that is blogging. Can we all learn from this? How to share our dance activities with our fellow dancers in these blogs.

"Blogging is an idiom. Blogging is best learned by blogging --
and by reading other bloggers."

Received from the Big Bash in Los Angeles. Many people from Hawaii are attending.
 Some nite clubs in the higher priced hotels will wait on you hand and foot,
but it will cost you an arm and a leg.

"Social Dancers know that it is not just dance,
it is magical, something that sets you free."

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Party

From Yanna:
Social Party This Saturday, celebrate Easter with dance

Salsa night and More….
7:30 -11:30PM
7:30-9pm all Ballroom music after 9pm salsa and all latin

Saturday April 15th at Aloha Dancesport Center
Social Dancing, complimentary soft drinks,
B.Y.O.B and snacks, dance performances
$10 with reservation
call or like us on Facebook

Divino Ritmo Dance
350 Ward Ave #200
808 200 4450

Most Latin music in Hawaii has been from the Caribbean. But most Latin music world wide is heavily influenced by Mexicans and their Mariachi bands. Up and coming with Mexican style music on Oahu will be the Mexican Restaurants that decide to install a dance floor. Meanwhile we can eat good Mexican food here, right now. How about a Latin Waltz, anyone? With a Rock Step and a Chaissé.

"Cuando Escuches Este Vals" por Antonio Fernandez

"Excellence is not a destination. It is a continuous journey that never ends."

Friday, April 7, 2017

Deep Purple

"Deep Purple" was the big hit as a piano composition in 1933, written by pianist Peter DeRose, The following year, Paul Whiteman had it scored for his suave "big band" orchestra that was "making a lady out of jazz" in Whiteman's phrase. "Deep Purple" became so popular in sheet music sales that Mitchell Parish added lyrics in 1938:

When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls
And the stars begin to twinkle in the sky—
In the mist of a memory you wander back to me
Breathing my name with a sigh.

In the still of the night, once again I hold you tight.
Tho' you're gone your love lives on when moonlight beams.
And as long as my heart will beat, - lover, we'll always meet
here in my deep purple dreams....

Not too many of the modern social dancers know this but this is still one of the best oldies but goodies. I would consider it a classic to remain there for the rest of this century.

I just signed Senator Gary Peter’s petition to tell Majority Leader McConnell that I object to the use of the “nuclear option” to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. All previous Supreme Court nominees have been confirmed without this method and making this permanent change to the rules of the Senate puts us in uncharted territory. The Supreme Court is too important to play politics. The republican's reputation drops down daily but this the worst ever.

It happened in a building down town:
An executive got on the 12th floor with a lady. On the 10th a gorgeous secretary got on, poked the exec in the ribs and said, "Hi, Cutie Pie." The lady with the man leaned over and said, "Hi, I am Mrs. Pie."

"Dancers think less and feel more and let the music do the talking."


Monday, April 3, 2017

The Night Club

I have been meeting men that are not real night club fans. They like drinking in the environment with the live band but the music or the dancing does not interest them greatly. It is a great opportunity to meet women and the environment makes it easier. Oahu nightclubs are much more likely than pubs or sports bars to use bouncers to screen prospective club goers for entry.

Freedom isn't free, but it doesn't mean we have to spend trillions
and trillions of dollars on arms as the solution.

Some nightclub bouncers do not admit people with ripped jeans or other informal clothing or gang apparel as part of a dress code. The results are a gathering of people in their nice party clothes.  The busiest nights for most nightclubs on Oahu are Friday and Saturday night. Many clubs or club nights cater to certain music genres, such as Bachata, Salsa, Swing or Country. No Tango clubs? How about a Line Dance club? Why not?

"Y Volvere" por Lucero

Many of these people know that with digital recorded music there are a lot of elements involved, and when you're spending too much time "perfecting" the music, you're probably going to lose the feel. Human beings' heart rates aren't steady, they go up and down, but that's exactly what's being extracted from a lot of today's music. When you hear people playing together you know it, but that's not happening much anymore.

"Contigo A La Distancia" por Christina Aguilera

Go back to recordings from 30 or 40 years ago, and you're much more likely to hear a lot less production. Too much tweaking can make for soulless, boring music. Unless you're a musician or you hang out with them, you rarely hear the real, true sound of instruments. We've lost our ability to know what "real" music really sounds like. But then, even with live music, it's almost always compressed, processed and heard through speakers. If I hear one of my old favorites, "As Time Goes By" it doesn't make much difference to me. live or recorded.

Received from my sister Eleanor in California, biblical quotes.
 Corinthians 2:9
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man
the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Mixologist

Just heard of it again lately since I have not been a regular attendant at night clubs for over ten years. Are there substantive differences between bartenders and mixologists? With cocktail culture firmly in the limelight, the word “mixologist” has being bandied about so loosely that distinctions between the two have become obscured.  When the term “mixologist” first was applied to bartenders, it was an honorific used to distinguish bartenders who excelled at creating interesting cocktails.

"In the old days of dance lessons, 5, 6, 7, 8 were not just numbers."

They had acquired a commanding knowledge of spirits and flavor pairings. In short, those who showed up and poured Vodka Tonics were bartenders, and those who took a more culinary approach to making drinks were mixologists. On Oahu, most of the good bartenders described in conversation as master mixologists may be appreciative of the professional recognition, but they place equal value on being tagged as accomplished bartenders.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

The return of the cocktail on Oahu has been a social phenomenon, and bartenders on the job since the early ’90s have seen it. They witnessed the rise of craft beers, single malts, small-batch bourbons, super-premium vodkas, 100% agave tequilas and more. The prevailing circumstances forced bartenders to elevate their game — to learn more about the products they were pouring and to develop cocktails that showcased their enhanced quality.

"Ala Moana Annie" by Amy Hanaialii

Whatever, if you attend night clubs regularly try to know your bartender, it lends to the happy social atmosphere. He or she may even advise you on your choice of the new partner you just met. Right or wrong, it would be a professional opinion. Your object is to have a fun evening and fortunately there many nice ways in the Oahu night club scene.

"Social dancers have discovered that dance and music
is how we make sense of life in this world."