Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Manila Night Life

Just an intro - this is not the most complete and most up-to-date information for Nightlife in Manila which offers a wide range of after dark entertainment opportunities. Filipinos personify the ‘life and soul of the party’ notion and much like their Spanish counterparts, their ability to sing and dance is an inherent characteristic belonging to the majority of the population. Combined with a great sense of humor you can guarantee some great partying while in Manila.

“Many social dancers were afraid of the dance once, but they learned to embrace it
and accept the mistakes they would make."

The easiest way to get started and locate the best clubs, lounges, events and parties in Manila is by checking out your best friends or relatives that have some knowledge of the Best Clubs in Manila. You may even find info about the best and biggest clubs in the Manila, such as club locations, contact numbers for table reservations, VIP info, info about table bookings and table rates, how to get on the guest list and other guest list info, info about entrance fee, door policy and much more.

"How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston (1985)

Karaoke, as in most Asian countries, is a national sport and mercilessly encouraged by locals, so have a back up plan of sorts, you may find yourself there with friends.You may also find the latest info about the best parties, events and DJs in Manila. New clubs open and old clubs close all the time, just like in Honolulu, so try to keep in contact with your info sources to make sure you can always find the latest info about all of Manila Nightlife!

“Social dancers know that facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Wahaiwa Halloween Dance.

Wow. I have been going for years trying to get enough photos. Specially this last year with my physical difficulties. With the Halloween dance by The Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, it has been quite different. Maile Yagi has helped and now Craig Abing has been a godsend and "My Cup Runneth Over." Most people will see that I try to get enough photos to get three collages in each blog. And it is still true because we don't have the space. A photo of 2 people is better than a photo of one, simply because we can get twice as many people in the same space.

"Wahiawa is a wonderful ballroom dance club filled with love and the joy of dance."
~ Pauline

A blog cannot be a photo album. How about all text and no photos? No of course not, a blog must be balanced. That is what I try to do and I feel much better now that I am getting some photos for the socials of WBDC. If I can get some dance information from anyone to include in the blogs we will have information of this club as Social Media. We are getting terrific photos, now to get some dance information to share with our fellow dancers on Oahu, wow.

"Our first time to attend Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club, so enjoyable and friendly
people. We love all of them and we got to meet the President. Thank u all."
~ Vicky Visoria.

"So much fun with ballroom dance friends. We enjoy ourselves every time."
~ Paulette

At least more social dancers are becoming aware of the dance blogs and the terrific pictures we can share with our readers. We do not need commitments or obligations. All we need now is more dancers willing to share some dance information for our fellow dancers. It can go into whatever blog is published the next day or the blog of your choice, whenever it is time.

"Trick or Treat: I know someone who has the witch stick - be safe."
~Jess and Georgie

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

In the last year we have had a noticeable increase in Nightclub DJs, We all know they are important to any club with a dance floor to draw business. Without music to dance to, many people may choose other clubs with music instead. Becoming a nightclub DJ requires putting themselves out there and marketing their business. To land a gig, they need to prove that they can bring in patrons and handle working under stress. They also have to inform club owners that they are out there trying to break into the scene.

"We are having a wonderful time at WBDC Halloween dance.
Lots of good food, dancing and great music by Leland."
~ Stephanie, for Aiea Ballroom Dance Association

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Latin Influence

By Fred Chun, Waipio

Latin dance styles have always exerted a huge influence on the direction of western popular music and dance. This has especially been true of jazz, which was profoundly altered by the advent of the first wave of Latin music in the 1940s and then by the bossa nova craze of the 1960s, which also had a massive influence on American pop music. In Wahiawa and Waianae, they have had Mariachis lately, so that may be all a matter of time.

"Social dancers know that they get to the point where confidence lasts longer
than the dance. Seconds at first. Then minutes. Then maybe it’ll still
be there the next time. when they are walking into a dance."

From the 1950s to the 1980s, new dance fads appeared almost every week. Many were popularized (or commercialized) versions of new styles or steps discovered by the young dancers who frequented the clubs and discotheques in major U.S. cities like New York, Philadelphia and Detroit. Among the dozens of crazes that swept the world during this fertile period were "the Madison", "The Swim", the "Mashed Potato", "The Twist", "The Frug" (pronounced 'froog') and "The Watusi"

"Tainted Love" by Soft Cell (1981)

The kids also had "The Shake" and "The Hitchhike" and several '60s dance crazes had animal names, including "The Pony", "The Dog" and "The Chicken" (not to be confused with the later Chicken Dance). Mambo became a standard in American Style dancing but never officially and remains popular to this day. The Hustle also has entered into the American Style of dance. Then both supplanted by the Salsa and now the Bachata but not officially. What happened to Reggaeton? And the Zouk and Kizomba have arrived. Will the kids know what to do with it? You betcha.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Came across a dilly a few days ago in Facebook. The people around the country are finally recognizing that bum, Trump. In fact throughout the world just two years ago the US was the leader of the free world. Now 3rd or 4th rate. Europe thinks the US is crap now.  And we are buddy buddy with North Korea. Wow, What in the Hell Happened?

In Hawaii, the republican party is on the verge of extinction, and all because of Trump. In fact there has been talk of a new conservative party. The Lincoln Party? "That this government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth." How about Trump and Da Money?

“Social dancers may feel that dancing is less like chemical intoxication than
on being drunk on life. Moving to their favorite music, they may
experienced absolute bliss - unadulterated and unconfined."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Dance Scene Shaping Up

Oahu After Sundown
During the day Oahu's lifestyle might revolve around the beaches and outdoor recreation, but after dark the island and specially Honolulu comes alive in sizzling nightclubs where live music and hot DJs turn up the volume on a crowd that knows how to party. The two well known centers of Honolulu's nightlife scene are the Downtown area and the Waikiki area. Many different clubs and each with their own unique vibe. For the young - pop, rock, EM and hip hop. For the more experience, good partner social dancing - to good old fashioned country - you're sure to find a spot that will keep you out of your seat and on the dance floor.

"Social dancers figure it is not their business to determine how good their dancing
is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions.
It is their business to keep it theirs clearly and directly."

"Every Rose Has It's Thorn" by Poison (1988)

What is needed most on the Waianae Coast is a business park like the High-End
Office & Commercial Property, in Westlake Village, CA. This beautiful
 location offers an ideal high-end work environment for any business.

Situated in an enviable area adjacent to both Conejo and San Fernando Valleys, Westlake Village Industrial Park is surrounded by shopping, dining, entertainment and bedroom communities.

The property boasts an on-site leasing and property manager, window-lined office and warehouse units, in-unit bathrooms and an on-site café. And it doesn't have to be this fancy in Waianae.

There are security guard services on site on nights and weekends for your safety and peace of mind. You can learn more about the features of this kind of commercial property by just asking. Third City?

"People were created to be loved. - Things were created to be used. The
reason the White House is in chaos is that things are being
loved, and people are being used."

Friday, October 12, 2018

Night Clubs

Oahu is the most populated island in Hawaii and home to plenty of nightclubs located inside the city of Honolulu. And the neighboring areas are just starting to wake up. Visitors looking for nightlife attractions in the city will find several clubs scattered in downtown and the Waikiki area. Running a nightclub can be a rewarding business venture, especially if you have a steady flow of revelers. But it takes a lot of effort to create a popular night spot with a loyal customer base.

"Social dancers know that their feet are made for walking. But they
also know that the hobby of their feet is dancing."

One has to play the right kind of music for the audience and provide an exceptional customer service. Careful planning is important before opening a nightclub if you want to succeed. The revised Tea Club Dance has been on and off for 30 years and it has never remained permanent. One that starts right after work about 5;00 PM and runs to about 9:00 PM. And every Wednesday to break up the week. A special Happy Hour, not so much booze, but a good juice bar, good music for your particular crowd to dance to and small snacks that you can spear with a fork or pick up with chopsticks.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

And the music is becoming serialized. You can get music by the Gigabyte which is about 200 songs. You can set it up in your computer with some very good speakers placed in the right places and just let it rip. With a 30 second interval between each song, it gives a nice night club ambient with a set up "altar" to represent the Bandstand. Some places on the mainland even have a monitor with an ultra large screen and plus 6 or 7 song videos representing a real live band. The "intermission" is the recorded music only.

"Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant.
There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks."

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Oahu Night Clubbing

Oahu has many night clubs that cater to anyone that wishes to drop in, have a dance and drink. Honolulu may have clubs that cater to one style of dance or demographic of dancers, but more and more clubs diversify their "dance night" with several different styles and themes. There is a definite division in age groups. The under 30 dancing the latest hits to DJ music. The more experienced dancers in the older group dancing the classics to Live Music.

“Social dancers think that where life used to feel overcrowded, it now feels boundless
as the sky. Where they used to feel shackled, they are now free to dance.”

The main specialty dancing in Honolulu is the Bachata - Salsa venue with a little Cha Cha Cha and Merengue on the side. Country Western has a nice country theme nights that will often have a line-dance class early in the evening, so that people can get in their basic moves and join the rest, Swing Dance has a few places and usually includes Eastern and Western Swing dances. These are only a few of the themes you might find when going out nightclub dancing - hip hop nights, rave nights, and more are also common themes.

Then we have the regular run of the mill type program. Night Club dance music such as the Fox Trot, Swing, Waltz, Samba and Tango, the dances from the American Style of Dance, the disciplines of long ago. Most are well liked and danced with enthusiasm. The Even Step is noticeably absent from this type of dance. Fortunately on Oahu we have been fortunate enough to have had some of the best instructors in the American style of dance in the Pacific.

“Social dancers wonder why people want to dance whenever it gets dark and
it is beyond them. Somehow, the two seemed to go together, like bees
and flowers, or flies and dung. Darkness and dancing.”