Saturday, June 24, 2017

Just Rolling Along

For being such a new kid on the block, this blog is not doing too bad. Now I must look for dance organizations in this sector that do not have a Web site or at least have some knowledge of the value of a blog site. Those are the ones that can find, in our blogs, the necessary Public Relations to enhance their recognition in the dance community. The cost? Zip, zero, nada!

"The challenge before us is to savor the unknown
and delight in the taste of possibility."

Then too they can compare the results with their friends that have Web or Blog sites. They may all be necessary but each one does things differently, we all have different and unique opinions. That is why we have a counters. We must know if we are just beating our gums. Some do it for their art and that should be acceptable. They all should do their own thing. There are few rules in blogging, so we are just looking for a new Studio, dance club, or community dance group in this sector, One that would like a little PR and help to make these Blogs into real Social Media.

"From Here To Eternity" by Englebert Humperdinck

Let us know, by the comments section in every blog. that is what we are here for. There are too many good people out there with the knowledge but short of confidence to take advantage of the offer. With enough information contributors, the hits will go through the roof, guaranteed. Traffic in town going to get worse? The entire West Coast is wide open and so is the North Shore. And we should accept that we are not clones and be glad to accept the different points of view. We will have Social Media. Nevah been done, befo'? I know that.

Laugh your heart out, dance in the rain.
Cherish the moment, ignore the pain.
Love and learn, forget and forgive.
Remember, you only have one life to live.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Night Clubbing

Whatever - competition and show business seem to be fusing, because they are meant to be seen. And how about Caberet? Most of us agree that much of it is very beautiful, but then it was meant to be that way. It is not the same as Social dancing and that comes closer to the American and Country styles than International. You let the music move you according the way you hear it and interpret it. Not the same as the guy next to you? Probably and that's good. Cloning is somewhere else, please.

"In some dance groups, dancers will question all the good things they hear
about you, but believe all the bad without a second thought."

Night Club dancers have a fierce pride in being able to dance in their own way, without somebody stepping in and telling them they are wrong. Why? Because somebody said so. Yeah, man. The essential points of social dance welcome musical interpretation, experimentation, imagination, improvisation and spontaneity, thereby allowing the dancer to become one with the music. Can get complicated? Hell yes, but try not to let it interfere with your dance.The possibilities are endless in our social dancing as we try to communicate, collaborate and seek new discoveries in these blogs and let us enjoy dancing with each other. Feedback will make the difference in these blogs, Anonymous, No!

"Walk With Me Through Paradise" by Melveen Leed

Ed; I definitely think it is a sport. - Fred; I definitely think it is an art.
Red; For me, it's a struggle.
What is the purpose of going to a night club? For some, it’s just to experience dancing. If that’s your aim you’ll have fun no matter what happens. Just dance and be happy. For the rest of us, dancing can help us achieve other goals, such as meeting new people. When our goal is to become more social, dancing is the ultimate ice breaker. Instantly impressive, dancing can convince people to give you that all important chance to show them how great you really are and applies to both sexes.

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

So what do you do as the lead, when you get that chance? Go for it and ask! When the dance ends and your partner is smiling, out of breath and you are leading her off the floor you have a few moments to use your advantage. Compliment her (if she hasn’t complimented you already) and ask a few general questions about her. Ask where she learned to dance. Dancing is what you both have in common, so use it! An ice breaker is simply a topic you know you can connect on. Listen and add your own input when asked. Next thing you know you’ll be chatting the night away!

"Line dancing getting in as per usual as a break in the regular social program
and gradually getting some good men in there."

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Disc Jockeys

A long time ago when we first had disc jockeys on Oahu, they usually played 45s and there was always a pleasant pause between songs. Then the profit makers stepped in, perhaps they needed no Disc Jockey. Just put it on a three hour tape and let it run. It has evolve to this day and not many know why. Nowadays, in many places there is only one song about 3 hours long.

“You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive."

Not many people know that much about music - what is playing or why. Everyone just takes a chance and does the best they can. It has worked very well in Salsa and Tango because it was Salsa or Tango all night long. But not many know anything about our music and the best way to play it. Most DJs on Oahu feel that they must keep up with the latest music. The line dancer DJs, are gems, and of course, there many good DJs in the social dance clubs on Oahu.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

But how about for social recreational dancers? They are still part of the old breed. There is nothing we can do for the perfect DJs out there, but perhaps we can convince some of the ones that are not perfect, that they can do better for the dancer. Most of the dancers and DJs will of course be pleased, and everyone will be coming out smelling like a rose.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Feedback to and from each member of our dance community will evolve in these blogs. For now, not many understand feedback. Not this way. The readership is still going up ever so slowly, so we will get feedback. So far, it has been a one way street, the two way street will clinch our blogs. And there are photos to cover too. Photos that we can include in these blogs. Who?

Social drinking is the recommendation that men between the ages of 21 and 65 should not consume more than 2 drinks a day. Women and everyone who is over the age of 65 should not consume more than one drink per day. Here a drink is considered a standard beer or a standard glass of wine. A lot of people would argue that these safe limits are unrealistic, because going to a Night Club on Oahu will just naturally have everyone drinking more. And very few get stinking drunk in our social dance environment. We will go more into it later.

"Social Dancers know that good dancing goes with good health."

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Social? Yes,

By Astrid Chan, Niu Valley
The bad part even in free style dancing is that too many dancers look like they have been "taught" how to move. Too many teach where the music is secondary if at all considered. That has been the biggest defect in most of our excellent dance teachers on Oahu. They may not be perfect but most will agree that they really know their stuff, they are good.

"To dance is to set your heart free."

They learn to teach primary movements according to the syllabus first and then perhaps a little music appreciation. Whereas street dancers learn the music and the rhythm first, learn to love it and only then do they learn to move to that music. There is a big, big difference in looks and the appreciation of dance in the results. And many are able to move into the different phases when the mood hits them.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

I began to dance intermittently, thirty years ago, (street dancing.) Then about twenty years ago, after a pleasant divorce, I began to take dance classes at a professional dance studio, I learned to dance plenty of steps the way I was taught but in trying to imitate my teachers I looked like I was stumbling through the tulips. Several years later I drifted away from them and phased back to club dancing with live bands and I consider myself back in the swing of things.

"I'll Remember You" by Jimmy Borges

I have learned a lot, good and bad and will continue learning. I have the full knowledge that I will never be a top dancer good enough to do exhibitions. But let me tell you, I and all my partners have more fun than a barrel of monkeys just listening and dancing to "our music." Isn't that what it is really all about? * * *

"Social dancers honestly believe that it is way more fun to dance crazy
than it is to dance cool."

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Social Dance Party

From Yanna
Big Mahalo to all who came to celebrate
Aloha Dancesport Center  3rd Anniversary with us.
We had full house and a lots of fun!!!

"Alma Latina Caliente Night"
7:30-9 all ballroom music will be played
After 9pm only 
Latin - salsa, merengue, bachata etc

Admission  $10 with reservation  $15 at door
Soft drinks complimentary, B.Y.O.D
Come to dance and celebrate early Father's Day

There will be NO social party at July (summer break)
Next party on Saturday August 12.

Divino Ritmo Dance,LLC
350 Ward Ave 2nd fl
Honolulu HI 96814

"The smallest deed is better than the best intention." 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Club Dancer

In the Night Clubs of Oahu, it has always been accepted that a club dancer, is one who dances in Night Clubs, usually exclusively. Hey Hey, However that does not end it there. Most everyone has been aware that at least two distinct divisions have evolved even before this century and we can no longer paint them all with the same dance brush. The plain ordinary social dancer is very much a part of the group and the serious night scene may be composed in a large part of experienced social dancers. (over 30.)

"Dancers know that if you can dance with your heart, your body will learn to follow."

Then, most of us are aware that from out of the "young" electronic dance community, street dances like Tecktonik (an example of a house dance) and Jumpstyle (an example of a rave dance) have emerged. Unlike many hip-hop dances, house and rave dances are usually heralded more "fun" than "competitive", although most street dances start like so before being adopted for competition or any other purpose since nobody legally owns them.

 "Na Mana O Kalani Nui" by Amy Hanaialii

We were young once and we know that the young will keep on changing, let them enjoy the trip. Our blogs will generally cover the social cultural recreational sector. There will be of course, more blogging coming in from the Social Club Dancers, and also a large part of the "to be seen" portion. And line dancing remains an added attraction to any ordinary dance scene and even the night club scene has accepted it as regular dancing and is no longer tied in to cowboys.

"Walk With Me Through Paradise." by Melveen Leed

It will continue in our blogs and perhaps someday, Line Dancers will also get their own spokesman. Whatever, all these loose groups of dancers in our blogosphere are developing their own blog identities all on their own. That's it, baby, I want to help make all these blogs different and eventually set them free with other people. I will do it because we all have a common cause - moving to our favorite music.

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately,
cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life." 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Night Club Dancing.

Who wrote this? (We usually do not accept anonymous.)
No one’s asked but I’ll try to come up with an answer. Fred's a great dancer, considering how often he goes to clubs. His default dance is the pelvic thrust, he can break dance too.  Charlie goes to clubs with Fred but Charlie doesn’t dance much. He’ll just stand there uncomfortably and taps his foot to the  music. Robert just bounces happily to music, no actual moves. Just happy bouncing.

"Social Dancers know that if the music is good, we have no choice but to dance."

Johnny dances too hard. He gets way into it, he is gonna break something. He also ballroom dances. Joey, despite playing musical instruments, has little rhythm in dancing.  Somehow he’s got three left feet. He’s also been taught to ballroom dance but he gets embarrassed dancing with someone so he just falls on the floor and lays there. Can all humans learn to dance? In some night clubs on Oahu we can wonder.

"Los Hawaiianos" by Willie K.


Nightclub two step (NC2S, sometimes disco two step or California two step) is a partner dance initially developed by Buddy Schwimmer in the mid-1960s. The dance is also known as "Two Step" and was "one of the most popular forms of contemporary social dance" as a Disco Couples Dance in 1978. It is frequently danced to mid-tempo ballads in 4/4 time that have a characteristic quick-quick-slow beat. A classic example is the song Lady In Red. The nightclub two step basic step can be counted as one & two - three & four. Many of the social dance clubs on Oahu teach it.

 "Every Part Of Love" by Amy Hanaialii

The dance position for nightclub two step is with a more relaxed hold, or "what people tend to do without lessons". The lead rocks back on their left foot, the follow on their right, for one beat. "The toe is to the heel, but not further. Don't twist your hip. If your hip opens up, you have gone too far."  A gentle but noticeable resistance is maintained during the rock step. Then both partners replace weight on the second part of the first beat. On the next beat, the lead takes a step to the left and the follow to the right. Then both partners repeat, but on opposite feet (the lead rocks back on their right foot and moves to the right). Only on Oahu?

"Social dancers know that apart from education, you need good health,
and for that, you need to find ways to exercise regularly."